Deal structuring is a way to structure the optimal striking point between the business needs/shareholders needs and also strategic investor’s needs. The best structuring goes a long way to create a win-win situation for both sides. From the experience, successful company’s follows Joint venture route in emerging countries so that it gives each buyer and seller an opportunity to work together. The deal could start with as low as 9% and can go up to 90% with a path to get to 100% eventually. In order to safeguard each other interest certain reps and warranties maybe needed including an option to buy back the shares in case buyer finds the situation is different to what was understood during SPA or BTA or APA stage. Off-late the trend is mixed moving towards 100% but it carries unknown risk from both sides especially assumptions built in by both parties. Again successful companies follow very rigorous process (not simple process) during the DD stage so that the right price is fixed considering the issues and also some of the assumptions built internally by the sellers in their financial justification documents overriding the LOI price set at the initial stages. FrontEdge will facilitate and help understand the seller requirements and reposition the buy side so that transparency prevails for a successful M&A.