This is by far the complex and a delicate process. Integration could be merging the existing entities without a buy/sale or it could be integrating the business when majority control is passed over to the buyer as part of the M&A deal. In case of merging existing entities, benefits are multi-fold removing unwanted costs/duplicate layers in the organization/real estate/maximize tax benefits etc. The synergy savings could run in millions depending on the complexity of the organization. From buy/sale M&A deal perspective, the practices vary from corporation to corporation. In some cases key management roles comes from the buyer and the rest remains with the seller. Typically sellers will hold non-executive roles while allowing buy side to implement their processes. A successful integration goes in a way that all synergies built in by the seller need to fall in place to create win-win successful deal. FrontEdge is rightly positioned after having done multiple integrations in large corporations in mapping synergies and appropriately project manage for seamless transition within the set timeline agreed.